Rowenta - DW9280u1 - Steam Force

Product Highlights:
> Anti-scratch stainless steel soleplate assures the highest level of protection from scratches for long lasting glideability and easy and worry free cleaning.
> Micro 400 soleplate offers 463 microholes for perfectly distributed steam to guaranty perfect results. With New ?profiled? soleplate design to ensure an optimum glide in all directions
> Steam force pump technology pushes 30% more steam into the heart of the fibers for better ironing results.
> Auto steam technology, adjusts automatically the steam output depending on the setting.
> New LED display indicating when the soleplate has reached the appropriate temperature for the selected fabric
> Motion sensor which stops variable steam when the iron is not moving, even when left on horizontal position. Optimizes water tank autonomy.
> Burst of steam 210g/min - Variable steam 0.35g/min
> Precision chrome tip for easy gliding into pockets and curved to access narrow edges, seams and collars.
> 3 way auto shut-off for added safety.
> Vertical steam to steam curtains or hanging garment.
> Integrated anti-scale valve for more durability ensures a constant flow of steam for better performance and longer life.
> Anti drip function to avoid water dripping when used at a low temperature.
> Tank size: 400mL
> Wattage: 1800 W
DW9280u1 - Steam Force
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