KRUPS Beyond reason - XS400050 - Liquid Cleaner

Suitable for all coffee machines but particularly the Krups XP72 series, XP9000 machines and any Krups machines with "auto-cappuccino" attachments.
Krups liquid cleaner cleaner tackles the milk residues that accumulate and clog up your milk frothing attachments. It is designed for the everyday cleaning of "auto-cappuccino" attachments on coffee machines. Simply add 15ml of krups liquid cleaner to 250ml of water in a jug and draw this solution through your "auto-cappuccino" attachment, drawing it in through the pipe that is normally inserted into your milk container. Then rinse by drawing at least two litres of clean water through your "auto-cappuccino" attachment in the same way. It helps remove milk residues and keeps your equipment hygienic and clean.
You might also find it useful for cleaning milk residues off steam wands and other milk frothing equipment (maybe try soaking the whisk of your battery operated milk frother in some solution) but you must ensure you rinse the solution off thoroughly afterwards.
Please note - This product should never be added to the water that your coffee machine uses. It is for cleaning milk residues from milk frothing attachments and must be rinsed thoroughly afterwards.
XS400050 - Liquid Cleaner
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